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Ring Belt WA21

Ring Belt WA21

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Nishijin-Ori is one of Japan's representative silk fabrics used mainly for kimono Obi.


Our reversible ring belt expresses its original use as an Obi with denim and Nishijin-Ori.


The denim fabric is adopted sustainable denim used by Peiner Blue, a factory brand in Okayama, Japan.


The Nishijin-Ori is the same fabric used for WA101/102, that's why you wear to give an even more stylish impression by coordinating with WA101/102.




● Size

Length(incl. buckle):110cm



● Material

Denim:Cotton 100%

Nishijin-Ori:Silk 100%





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Nishijin-Ori is a world-class silk fabric used mainly for Kimono Obi, and is one of Japan's representative silk fabrics. Nishijin-Ori is a traditional Japanese craft with a 1,200-year history, and is a yarn-dyed patterned fabric that uses colored threads to weave patterns.

The essence of Nishijin-Ori is said to be "Expressing the world of painting through textiles. " Compared to textiles from other regions, Nishijin-Ori has an overwhelmingly large number of colors, and because of its gorgeousness, it was used not only as KIMONO fabric but also for many decorative items for the nobility in the Heian period (794-1185).

We created our original Shippo-mon patterns to retain the glamour of Nishijin-Ori without being overly flashy, so our jeans can be worn with a jacket even in a business setting.

The Nishijin-Ori used for Wa-Denim is fully original one, carefully finished by skilled craftsmen in the Nishijin district of Kyoto.



The shippo-mon which is written as 七宝紋 in Japanese, is a long used pattern that features overlapping and intertwined circles. It is said that the pattern is unending spreading in all four directions. It also refers to the Buddhist 7 (七 in Japanese) treasures (宝 in Japanese), gold, silver lapis lazuli, quartz, coral, agate, and giant clam shell.

Another interpretation of the design is that of fate, with all the circles connected, which is said to be a good omen of happiness, harmony, and good connections between others. It is seen by others to remind others of the value of the connection between others and that they have the same value as the previously mentioned seven treasures.

We adopted the shippo-mon pattern, hoping that they help to bring good new connections whenever you're wearing this ring belt.



What is Peiner Blue's Sustainable Denim?

Peiner Blue creates fashion items and interiors used "Sustainable Denim ". Sustainable Denim means the Okayama denim fabric is that would otherwise be discarded for testing or hemming. Our ring belt is also made using Peiner Blue's Sustainable Denim.




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Dimension of Package

Package of Jeans

W:400 × D:300 x H:98mm

Package of Pencil Case

W:150 x H:200mm


Due to the transferable nature of denim indigo dye, do not wash the product with other items to avoid any color transfer.

We apply an Aptness treatment to give a strong water repellent finish to the KIMONO fabric. Although in some cases, the KIMONO fabric may have the denim indigo dye transferred when washed or dried during manufacturing, the transferred dye can be removed or become less noticeable with further washing. We appreciate your understanding of this product specific nature.

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