A look at Try-on Plan

*This plan is limited to people residing in Japan.

Wa-Denim offers a try-on plan to ensure that you purchase the perfect size for you.
We will ship you three sizes, including one upper and lower size, so you do not have to worry that the size you purchased does not fit. 
After trying on the jeans, please send us the two unneeded sizes with the enclosed return slip.
We hope you will take this opportunity to check the quality of Okayama denim and Nishijin-Ori, Kyo-Yuzen fabrics, as well as the comfort and looking of Wa-Denim, to ensure that you will be satisfied.

How to order
1. please select your desired size and click the "Add to cart" button. 
2. We will ship you 3 sizes including one size above and below the size you purchased.

*Please check each product page for details as the sizes for each products differ. 
3. Please try on the 3 sizes within 7 days of receiving the jeans, and return the 2 sizes you do not need in the cardboard box we sent you with the enclosed return slip. 
4. If all the jeans we ship does not fit you, please return all to us. We will issue a full refund within 7 business days.
*Please do not remove the product tag from the returned jeans. If the tags are removed, you may be asked to purchase the item.

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